Monday, April 25, 2011

Lent is over and Easter Has Begun!

Christ came to save us from our sins and so He has!

Lent was a time of meditation on the suffering of Christ and for penance. I like this season preceding Easter, because it allows me time to relate to Christ. I relate to Him in small comparison due to the cross I have been given to bear. Christ came to die for us on the cross at Calvary and He bore the weight of our sins on his shoulders. My cross is barely a twig or even a splinter contrasting to His. Yet, there are times when I can hardly bear it upon my own shoulders. Because of this, I am given a glimpse into the suffering of my Lord and Savior. Through Him is my strength. Through Him do I learn to embrace it!

The name of this blog, "To Suffer for Souls," comes from a book I read as a child, "The Little Flower - The Story of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus." St. Therese was a beautiful girl of faith. She longed to suffer for souls as Christ had done. Due to certain events before Lent, I was reminded of her and her life. As this blog unfolds, I will give insight into how her longing impacted my life in a very powerful way...

Lent is over and Easter Has Begun! Alleluia! Alleluia!


  1. Looking forward to following your blog!

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